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Psychology Patient
Therapy Services to Improve Your Quality of Life

Offering WEEKEND and weekday appointments to Texas and Florida residents! Danielle is 100% telehealth and would love to tell you why this can be a fabulous, convenient and enriching experience. Learn more on the FAQ page.

Let me allow you to "bridge" the gap between your current self and the self you always wanted to be...

Client Testimony

"... the relief you've brought to my pain, and likely to so many others, is beyond tally.   I'm in your debt, and others must feel the same..."



"The healing you've brought to our family by helping us communicate is beyond measure. I can't thank you enough for helping us be whole again..."



"After seeing so many counselors previously I had lost hope anyone would 'understand' or get me. I finally felt heard. I knew you understood my invisible illness and pain. I was finally excited to talk to someone, to leave the house, I feel empowered now."


"You went above and beyond to be available to *** when she was in crisis, when she had a break down, when I needed help. I never thought someone would really care about my daughter like you did. She said you were so much more than just her counselor, she now wants to be a therapist because of you. My daughter shines again and I can't express how happy that makes me. I tell everyone I get a chance to talk to how therapy saved my family."


At Spaulding Counseling Services I strive for an individualized person centered approach to address current life stressors and concerns. My goal is to see people become the best versions of themselves, to be healthy through the use of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), directive solution focused solutions and some Acceptance and Committment Therapy (ACT)


I seek to foster positive change in all people I have the pleasure of working with. I have a pretty wide spectrum of issues that I work closely with but there are certain populations that appear to benefit most from my care and they are: teens/young adults (14+) with generalized anxiety disorder, depression (self harm/suicidality) and mood D/O, adults going through or wanting life transitions and to build healthier relationships with others, and chronic pain and illness survivors. I also enjoy working with couples in the first few years of their relationship and am a LGBTQIA+ ally with experience in alternative lifestyles. I am also neurodivergent and have amazing ways of coping with and understanding ADHD and ASD, so if that's you, or you suspect that's you, let me help figure it out!

Many people ask when they should come to counseling. Do I really need to see someone?  The answer is most people in counseling are there to improve themselves or their situation. Many people come to help deal with situational stress, depressed moods or to learn how to be self aware and improve their lives. Think of it as checking your emotional temperature and focusing on your whole being.

Signs it is Time to Seek Therapy

  • Something Traumatic has Happened (Death/Loss, Divorce, Recent Move, Illness Diagnoses)

  • You feel sad or angry or “not myself”

  • You feel you are “existing” and not living or have passive suicidal thoughts

  • You are not being authentic in relationships or masking your feelings often

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