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Meet Danielle
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My Philosophy

All people are capable of great change within themselves and their lives. It is my job, as your therapist, to examine what is causing unrest, to problem solve and create an action plan with you, and to assist you in making positive changes. This often includes  introspection, discussing past issues and traumas, self exploration, and making some big changes in your life. Therapy may be hard to begin, but investing in yourself is the most positive thing you can do. 


“Danielle fostered positive change not only in my son, but also within our family. I highly recommend her to work with your teenage child if they are struggling..."
“I couldn't have made it without Danielle's help. She truly turned my life around during one of my darkest times."
My Story

Hello guys! Each of my pages describes specific populations I work with in counseling and probably gives you a good idea of my personality. I LOVE what I do. The only other passion I have that can compete with being a therapist is fostering and rescuing animals, it’s kind of my thing. I have a motto, The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away. I truly believe that in order to find happiness and fulfillment you need to learn what your skills and abilities are (no matter how abstract) and put them to good use.

I’m a mother of 3 rescue fur children and a wife of a pilot. I live in Florida but remain licensed in Texas so I can continue to see clients located there as well. I love working with teens more than any other creature on earth, college students/young adults are my jam, and women in life transitions I relate to completely. I have several illnesses and live with chronic pain but I smile more than most people I know. I am addicted to baked goods, love reading in my hammock, traveling, and I actually like working weekends which makes my clients happy. I am sarcastic and direct. I focus on finding solutions and changing unhealthy thought processes. I do consider your past as very relevant to who you have become but the focus of our work will being trying to alleviate stressors and live a more authentic fulfilling life. I believe in people and my greatest reward is feeling like I have made a difference in someone’s life! I want everyone to feel comfortable being their genuine self.

I’ve worked in mental health since 2009 full time. First as a service coordinator for people with special and behavioral needs, then as a crisis counselor for teens and children. I went into the private practice arena in 2014 and started my own in early 2015 at ripe old age of 27. I became licensed in Florida (and moved here) in 2021. I have a pretty wide spectrum of issues that I work closely with but there are certain populations that appear to benefit most from my care and they are: teens/adults going through or wanting life transitions and those with severe anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Also my chronic pain and illness survivors and their families and Borderline Personality Disorder clients looking to learn self-regulation and change perspectives. 

My Training
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) #68908

Texas Board Certified 2013

Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP) #MH 20109

Florida Board Certified 2021

Employee Assistance Specialist- Certified (EAS-C)

EAPA 2015

Master of Education- Counseling & Development

Lamar University 05/2011

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