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Animal Rescue- My Passion and Hobby

     Many people want to get know some details about their counselor on a personal level. The biggest thing I can say about myself other than my love of helping people, my sarcastic sense of humor and devotion to solving problems, is my passion to save dogs and cats. I am a firm believer in emotional support animals and having pets to provide comfort, relieve anxiety and depression and allow to people to have genuine responsibility. Pets are also a motivator to attain great empathy and compassion and to give back to society. 

      I have been working closely with several animal rescues for years and believe it is my duty to spread awareness and help save more souls. I volunteer with Operation Pets Alive and MCAS. Many of you may see me in the community helping coordinate adoption events or out with my foster pets. Although this is a counseling page, I'm going to use it to share success stories and show off my adoptable foster animals,'s my site ;) I'm also available to help find families find a forever pet, educate people on how to care for their dogs and kittens, learn what vetting services are needed, and tips on low cost medication and care. 

   I'm a crazy dog lady, as I said, but have a love for kittens. I now own a blind kitten named Echo, who may just be my soulmate. I typically have several fosters many of which start off as medical/critical care cases I get to love on and train until I find their forever homes. Even if animal rescue isn't your cup of tea, I hope that you use your unique talents, passions and abilities to reach out and make a difference. For yourself, for your friends, for your community, be the inspiration that makes society and humanity better. Acts of kindness have been proven to increase happiness and self esteem and decrease depressed moods, so helping others helps you too!

     Would you like to meet my sweets? Here are the great loves of my life.

The amazing Addy Grace. Saved at age 11 with a plethora of disorders and living with vibrancy and joy until the age of 15. She left us in 2020, but was worth every single of of love and antics. 

Adoptable Babies!


All fosters are currently adopted!

We Got Adopted!

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