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Chronic Pain and Illness Survivors....and those that love them

     So, if you are reading this page for yourself or your child I’m already here sharing your pain with you. I may not have your specific medical diagnoses or concern but I’m a chronic pain person. I share this because this select group of the population (however unlucky it may be) are my kindred spirits and I can relate, literally. My entire life changed in a car accident at 22. I was already a bit of medical case in my teens; fainting spells, severe endometriosis with multiple surgeries, and never ending headaches. But man, that car accident escalated me to a chronic migraine state and a weird head and neck only nerve condition called occipital neuralgia. I also have a genetic condition (hypermobile Ehlers Danlos) and was diagnosed neuro-divergent at age 34.

     I used to think telling my diagnoses and struggles might be oversharing with my clients or potential clients but I think it’s more helpful than anything. It’s a huge piece of me I live with daily. It’s not ME, not my whole identity, but it affects my every plan, move and most activities I do day to day.  I’ve learned to have a healthy attitude, be proactive in my self care, learn my limits, express these limits fully to those closest to me and make lifestyle changes to accommodate Danielle 2.0. 

     Invisible illness and how to deal with the way loved ones and society acts towards us is kind of my thing. We may look healthy and active but feel 80 on the inside. I’d love to be the person to help you figure out how to cope, whether this is something you’ve dealt with since birth or later in life. I do offer family and couples sessions to this population so I can help your loved one learn how to support you fully and what questions and comments are appropriate and helpful. You can be successful, you can be powerful, we can find you something to enjoy. No matter what life looks like right now there is always something to live to for or to fight for. Telehealth sessions allow for extreme flexibility in our sessions. You can be at home, in your pjs, any time days or evening without the fear of being ill in public or having to travel or spend time in waiting rooms. 

I hope to speak to you all soon. I wish you a relaxing and less painful day (sending good vibes)!!

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