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 Insurance & Self Pay Options

Insurances Accepted

At this time we are accepting BCBS PPO plans, cash pay and "out of network" clients. This means you would pay the rate of $145 per session ($175 for the intake) and we can provide a superbill to you for reimbursement from your insurance company and walk you through the process. Each company's out of network policy is different so please call them to inquire about your specific rate of reimbursement for psychotherapy but most PPO plans reimburse $60-100 per session.

"Out of Network" 

Currently we are processing clients as out of network and will provide a superbill to all clients so you may submit for reimbursement. This will be discussed at time of initial appointment. If you have any questions regarding applicable amounts towards deductibles, why you are processed as out of network, etc please ask via phone before setting up appointment or during intake session before signing consents/forms. 


Free Consultation 

I provide a FREE 10 minute phone consultation to all new clients. In this call we will discuss your presenting problem, talk about my modality of therapy, and see if we are a good fit. You may ask any questions you desire but extensive background will be gathered during initial session.

Self Pay Rates

 The only way to keep all information private and not receive a diagnoses is to be self pay. If you choose to do this, you would pay the cash rate, no diagnoses is ever given but can be provided verbally to you should you ask, and there is no mental health record on file. This is important for those of you seeking privacy or who do not want your employers or government agencies to have access to your mental health record. Insurance companies often times do not accept nor cover diagnoses such as ADHD, ODD, Autism spectrum, marital or family counseling, sessions longer than 45 minutes, and crisis counseling. In order for me to provide counseling most relevant and tailored to your specific needs Spaulding Counseling can no longer adhere to strict policies of insurance plans.

Individual Counseling

Individual sessions are most common in counseling. This time is reserved just for you and is 45 minutes in duration.  Issues discussed commonly in individual counseling are: anxiety, depression, life style changes, loss/grief, divorce, coping skills, self esteem, parenting issues and family communication concerns. Addiction and mental health disorders are also worked on.

Couples/Marriage Counseling

Couples counseling is a useful tool in strengthening and building your relationship. Many people wait until they have separated or are using the "D" word (divorce) to seek assistance. Please consider counseling if you are struggling with issues in communication, intimacy, finances, or parenting, and get in before you reach that point. Many of my couples come in just to do check-ups and continue to learn how to love and communicate with one another even if there is no large issues prevelant at that time. I incorporate Gottman marriage counseling, the 5 love languages, 7 stages of marriage and many other materials in couples counseling. Most insurances do not reimburse for couples sessions but superbills can be provided for individual counseling if your plan accepts that.


Inital Appointment = $175

This appointment is 65 minutes in duration including 15 minutes paperwork and 50 minutes of assessment. Paperwork can be printed off of website and filled out prior if preferred.

Individual Psychotherapy = $145/$175

45 minutes or 60 minutes


90 Minute Session = $270

These work best for more intensive concerns (trauma/abuse), couples sessions, and family sessions.



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