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If you are interested in becoming my client I need you and your parent to read this entire to page, then let me know if you’d like to work with me and we sound like a good fit! I am an LGBTQIA+ ally with 12+ years of experience. I also counsel from a non-religious perspective and am not judgmental at all...more details below.

Also please note that I work exceptionally well with persons with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders and very much enjoy it. If you suspect that either of these may be impacting your quality of life and functioning, let us better understand them and let me teach you cool tricks to manage those and be as successful and healthy as possible.  

To my teens:

      So, I pride myself in being the Teen Whisperer. What does that mean? I’m still young enough to not be your parent and provide a completely non-judgmental non-traditional client focused experience. My goal is to help you figure out who you want to become and how to achieve that. I believe that I make the most impact when I get to explore with you all. If we can catch and address that social anxiety or feeling of panic and reign it in, wouldn’t it be helpful to do that when you start high school or college? Do you feel like no one genuinely understands what you are going through or it’s just so personal that you can’t discuss it with your parents? Most of my teens are fearful of judgement, discrimination or punishment so they do not reveal their true selves to their family. They have 2 personas and often don’t display the depression or self loathing. Many of my clients have parents that report “they’re fine, they mostly act happy”, but they’ve never been inside your head late at night when your thoughts are racing, or in the shower while you cry and think that life is already too difficult and you can’t go on like this. Some people have never considered suicide or self harm but maybe you have. Maybe those thoughts are labeled as inappropriate or too dark and twisty to voice aloud. What if your parents freak out and lock you away some place? What if everyone at school hears that you have a major issue you are facing?   

      Well, I don’t work miracles, but I can promise improvement. Not just improvement but substantial improvement if you’re willing to work with me and put in some effort. Let me help you establish healthy boundaries, figure out what your version of normal is and help you progress towards the you that you always dreamed you could be.


To my parents:


     I adore those little creatures that you are raising. Low self esteem, dark thoughts, anxiety and depression don’t’ scare me, I thrive on finding the light at the end of this tunnel. This is the phase of life where I can make an outstanding difference in their belief systems and how they relate to people in their world (including you parents!) Give me a chance to get them started on the path to a healthy bright future.  


     Also, I respect each person’s individual belief system in our counseling relationship and take that into account, but your teenager is my client….not you. I do NOT counsel from a religious perspective but will incorporate those beliefs ONLY if the teen wants it to be part of their session. I also counsel LGBTQA+ teens and try to help families understand identity and sexuality and come up with a plan of action that is in the best interest of their child. They are my top priority, keeping them safe. This does not mean I will not listen to the parents and understand their struggle. I highly advise parenting sessions in these cases but I have to be an active support first and foremost to them.


Areas I work with are: anxiety with relaxation and stress management practices, depressed mood and episodes, mood disorders, learning to express emotions in healthy ways, ADHD coaching, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I work with children whom are in high school. I only see clients age 14+.

I do not work with addiction as primary concern. I do not do play or art therapy, only talk therapy (CBT and DBT). Sessions are 45 minutes unless it's a crisis and those can be as long as 2 hours but are billed as self pay and not covered by your insurance typically.

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