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     What exactly does my “young couples” title mean? It means I specialize in couples that are still in the beginning phases of their relationship or union, the first 7 years primarily. I do work with couples that have been together longer but you newbies hold a special place in my heart. I too am a newbie, 9 years and running, 7.5 years of marriage, 4 dogs and a blind kitty, hundreds of foster animals, 2 college graduations, several big moves, a major health crisis…yep, I’m living it with you.

     I like to focus on respect and communication issues. One of the first issues addressed is that if you don’t still love your partner in some way or respect them I can’t really do much for you. I base my counseling on learning communication skills to fight fair, negotiate domestic duties, express emotions in a helpful way where we don’t blame others, deal with parenting discrepancies and figure out your finances and sex life. There’s nothing you cannot discuss in therapy, I’m just here to facilitate a healthy exchange. There is no reason to wait until one person is walking out the door to try counseling. Coming here is not a failure or “the end of the road”, it’s a self check. If your relationship is one of the most important aspects of your daily life why would you not want a tune-up?

     I also highly advise premarital/pre-cohabitation counseling. If you are young and making some big decisions to be together I would love to help you start discussing life plans and expectations so you can start on the right foot. I am proficient in sexuality counseling and have experience with alternative lifestyles and LGBTQIA couples. 


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