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My Fabulous and Overwhelmed Adults

Isn’t adulting more work than you thought?!?!? I specialize in learning your deep rooted unhealthy thoughts that effect your mood and helping you change them.

     I love helping adults cope with life stress and transitions and fulfilling your true passion and potential. Do you feel stuck in a rut and like you’re just doing the same boring cycle every day? Are you anxious going to work but without being able to nail down the specific cause? Do you feel guilty that you don’t have the success or life balance you’ve always dreamed of, the “perfect” life by the time you were 35? Is the state of the world making you worried about your future and direction?

      Let me step in and shine light from a different angle. All people suffer from insecurities and most of us have these pesky unhelpful thoughts us therapists call cognitive distortions. An example is catastrophic thinking like, “If I don’t make it to management level in the next year I’m just a failure. My spouse will be disappointed, I won’t be able to buy my children a car or send them to college. Why would anyone want to be with me?”. We often think unhealthy thoughts about ourselves but do not voice them aloud to others. We believe they are “normal” or that we can’t change them. I hear frequently “it’s just the way I’m wired” or “it comes naturally, it’s genetic”. While those thoughts may make sense to you, and yes, genetics is a factor, we can still overcome them and change our internal dialogue. There is no reason to stop trying or feel stagnant in life. Do you like your 22 year old self over your 15 year old self? Did you learn hardwork or respect and apply them more by the time you were 28? Did you really learn how to a independent self reliant adult possibly many years later? Never feel like you cannot grow, learn or change. It is possible. Investing in your mental health is one of the wisest decisions you could make, you are WORTH IT!!!


Most prevalent issues I work with are: late diagnosed ASD and ADHD, anxiety, depressed mood, dissatisfaction with life balance, low self esteem, Borderline Personality Disorder, Mood disorders, relationship issues and healthy boundaries. I am also LGBTQIA+ affirming. 

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