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Frequently Asked Questions


The following are some questions that most people new to counseling ask fairly often. If you have any other questions please feel free to email or call the office at 409-225-8459.

 We are open 5 days a week to include weekends and weekdays. Days are variable month to month. Danielle is 100% telehealth and will remain that way! Danielle has relocated physically to Florida in 2021 and will continue to remain available to ALL Texas and Florida clients, including new ones. 

Why Telehealth?

That's a great question. It's totally okay to be skeptical if you've never tried it. The pandemic has made us all more adaptive. Telehealth for my clients and I has become a convenient experience that feels just like the old in person days. How do I know? I polled them all and they say online counseling has increased their comfort, given a wider array of availability due to no travel or wait times, and has helped with privacy and health concerns. You no longer have to factor in travel time or traffic or unforeseen accidents and weather. You don't have to worry about seeing someone you know in the waiting room and you can see me during a lunch break at work if you like. You do not need to get dressed up for me, you may come as you are, last minute into our safe private online space. 

All that I ask is that you are in a private space, alone and have good internet connection. You may wear headphones during session and I can give additional tips to have privacy like sound machines. I want therapy to be accessible above all us. On those days the depression may be keeping you from getting out of bed, I can be there with minimal effort. If you have a medical concern you no longer have to worry about accessibility on unwanted bodily concerns happening in public. If you are a teen...I mean, yall are already the greatest internet generation of all time! I promise you will get my full authentic self, undivided attention and I will make sessions just as fun and insightful as if we are in person. You may also get to see a cameo of my therapy "office" dog and show me something wonderful and personal about yourself like your pet or art. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have and remember, if online therapy isn't for your after our first session, I am happy to help link you to another in person provider. 

What is the Typical Duration?

The duration of counseling varies for each person/family based on their individual needs. Some concerns are situational and helped or problem solved within 6 sessions, others are dealing with a disorder or longstanding traumas and may need months to work through the process. You work with the psychotherapist to create a treatment plan that works for you and establish what your goals are.

What Do I Do to Get Started?


Give us a call for a FREE phone consultation at (409) 225-8459. We will discuss your presenting problem, set up your initial appointment, and pre-verify insurance coverage if needed. Then you will complete intake information and consents online and via email.

Do You Accept Insurance?

We do accept BCBS PPO insurance and new clients that are willing to be processed as  "out of network" or are cash pay. This means you would pay our hourly rate for services and be given a receipt and superbill to submit to your insurance carrier for partial reimbursement. If you are unsure please call the office and we will verify for you and answer all questions.



What Do I Do to Prepare for Counseling?

Think about what is going on in your life and issues you would like to resolve, or aspects you would like to improve. This will be asked in out initial session. Be ready to commit to regular treatment, especially in the beginning. It is best that we start with weekly session to build rapport and to make progress more quickly. Most clients attend weekly, then biweekly, then for check-ins as needed once the issue is resolved. 



Do I Get a Diagnoses? Who Knows About My Treatment?

In order for us to bill under any insurance panel they require a diagnostic code (i.e Anxiety disorder, Adjustment disorder, Depressive disorder, Bipolar disorder, etc.). A diagnostic code to them establishes a need for your care so they will assist in paying for it. Some employers do have access once you have a diagnoses and it becomes part of your mental health file. Government agencies, armed forces, FBI, or any federal or state/city based job can access mental health records or ask if you have ever been "diagnosed" or on medication for any mental health disorder. Some MH diagnoses like personality disorders and ADHD may not be covered if that is the primary diagnosis on file. The only way to keep all information private is to be self pay. If you choose to go that route, you would pay the cash rate, no diagnoses is ever given but can be provided verbally to you should you ask, and there is no mental health record on file. 

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